Parents - Student Welfare

School Expectations

The school expectations have been developed in conjunction with the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) initiative which commenced in 2010: 

  • Respect
  • Responsbility
  • Ready To Learn


School Rules and Consequences

Students are expected to demonstrate personal responsibility and respect for themselves and others, including staff, fellow students and community members. Students learn NO! GO! TELL! to equipment to adequately deal with conflict resolution as part of our whole school PBL and student welfare programs.

  • NO! I don't like that. Please stop.
  • GO! Move away from the problem
  • TELL! Tell a teacher on duty and your classroom teacher if the problem continues.

Students who follow the rules are acknowledged and commended. Students who do not follow the school rules and expectations may have some of the following consequences applied:

  • Loss of playground privileges
  • Time out in another classroom
  • Time out with a member of the school's executive team
  • Planning room 
  • Exclusion from special school activities and extra curricular activities.
  • Formal suspension warning
  • Suspension