Parents - School Travel

Free travel is available to all students residing more than 1.6 km from school. Application forms are available from the school office. 

Private Travel
Parents leaving or collecting children from school are requested NOT to park in the “bus zones” or “no standing zones”. The school driveway must be left free in case of an emergency. The only available parking is on the street. To prevent dangerous traffic situations each morning and afternoon it is requested that parents collect children from the school side of the street and escort students across the road. 

Bike and Scooter Travel
Only students in years 3-6 are permitted to ride to school unaccompanied. Students wishing to ride to school need to apply for a permit available from the Principal or front office. Bike riders must walk bikes from the school and along the footpaths near the shops. Students must wear a helmet and obey all the road rules. Students must walk their bikes until they have passed the school's green fence and when on pedestrian crossings.