Parents - About the P&C

The P & C Association meets monthly in the “Araluen” Cottage or school library. All parents are welcome to attend and encouraged to become members.

The P&C thrives as a mouthpiece for parents as a central organising body within the school. The monthly meetings provide a lively arena where matters relating to our particular school are aired and broader issues can be tabled thanks to our affiliation to the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens’. We continue to fund raise for items that parents and/or the school feel necessary for the improvement of our school, and therefore the learning environment of the children. 
We promote a sense of community and our Spring Fair was a fine example of this. Sponsorship and donations from local businesses and individuals helped underpin this fundraising activity. However, without the wonderful support of parents, families and staff, such a venture could not have been as successful as it was, a terrific example of everyone pulling together to reach a common goal – very much the Ettalong spirit. 

Some of the items that the P&C successfully raised money for last year included the new playground equipment, school iPads, air conditioning and interactive whiteboards. 

Our canteen provides a wonderful service to our children. We strive to educate and provide healthy options and we were recently awarded with an accreditation under the Fresh Tastes at School Strategy from the NSW Department of Health. A great tribute to our hard working canteen supervisor, Cheryl Lynch, and her regular band of volunteers. 

Through our uniform shop we provide a quality supply of our school uniforms at a very reasonable price. This service is manned by volunteers and run through the P&C. 

Volunteers are the backbone of the P&C and we would encourage as many parents and citizens to get involved. You will make friends, have fun and get an insight into the world that your children inhabit for so much of their time.