Parents - General Information


In the event of an accident or a child being too ill to remain at school, a nominated parent, relative or friend will be contacted. No child for any reason, will be allowed to leave the school without a responsible adult. This adult must sign a note, at the office, to protect children from being removed by the wrong person. Please notify any change of address, phone numbers or contacts ASAP. It is mandatory to notify all absences in writing to the class teacher.


All children are required to have proof of their immunisation at school entry. They are required to have a completed immunisation certificate available from the family Doctors.


Teachers are available to discuss student progress, however, it is necessary to make an appointment for an interview by either phoning the school or writing to the teacher.

Lost Items

The school is not responsible for lost items. Students need to be encouraged to take responsibility for their own belongings. To assist students and parents, lost property boxes have been placed in the hall. Students and parents are asked to check these boxes regular and to ensure that uniforms, especially jumpers and hats, are clearly labelled with the child's name.