Ettalong Public School prides itself on strong relationships between staff, students and parents. The school is a proud member of the Brisbane Water Learning Community and the Koorana Local AECG, working together to implement the Aboriginal Cultural Continuum. Ettalong Public School has a support unit comprising four classes; one IO/IS and three multi-categorical classes. The school delivers flexible and innovative programs tailored to meet the individual learning needs of students. Ettalong Public School’s expectations of respect, responsibility and ready to learn underpin our effective and proactive wellbeing program. There is a strong focus on resilience, social skills, anti-bullying, student leadership and citizenship. The school has a strong academic focus, as well as providing a range of outstanding sporting and cultural activities. Ettalong Public School delivers an innovative creative arts program offering students opportunities in music, dance, drama and art fostering the creative talents of all students. Ettalong Public School prides itself in providing an environment of care, opportunity and success for every student.